Maharaja Sansar Chandra
Royal Kangra Museum, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

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Museum showcases legacy of Katoch dynasty
As Published in The Tribune - 21st November, 2011
Close to the old Kangra Fort, Maharaja Sansar Chand Museum owned by the Royal family of Kangra has been opened for the public this month. A chart showing the complete Katoch dynasty has been displayed with pictures at the entrance of the museum that exhibits the items owned by the royal family like crystal and silver utensils, clothes, coins, a silver bed, swords, telescopes, some written texts and almost everything that could showcase the royal lifestyle. The walls inside the museum were painted by artists especially brought from Rajasthan, disclosed the staff at the museum. An entry fee of Rs 10 is charged by the visitors and if they want to click pictures, they will have to shell out Rs 25 extra.