Maharaja Sansar Chandra
" It is an great experience to visit this museum"
Ms Modini rana
Royal Kangra Museum, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Kangra group
Dedicated to Maharaja Sansar Chandra

Crowds of people with skills like Goldsmiths, blacksmiths, carpenter, weavers, soldiers, even dancing girls flocked to as Maharaja Sansar Chandra was generous in the recognition of men with good qualities. His subjects fondly called him the Pahari Badshah.

Paintings were not the only arts which flourished in Kangra. Maharaja Sansar Chandra built many temples and palaces; he recreated the Shalimar Bagh of Lahore in Alampur. In the last years of his life he lived in Amtar [Nadaun] a town built by him. Nadaun was such a beautiful and enjoyable place that there was a saying “Ayega Nadaun, Jayae ga kaun” which translates “He who comes to Nadaun, will never leave Nadaun”.

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